Booking available no earlier than 3 months prior to the event date. We can accept fittings a with a month of the event, additional charges may apply. We no Longer offer paige boy uniforms
Booking available no earlier than 3 months prior to the event date. We can accept fittings a with a month of the event, additional charges may apply. We no Longer offer paige boy uniforms
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Dress Uniform Hire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, we enclose a list of common questions we get asked through emails or socials. 

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in Colchester in Essex, we dont have any other locations currently.


Q. What is your hire process?

A. We operate normal hire service model (as below)

book your fitting online using out booking app
attend fitting (no earlier than 3 months before date required, later than 1 month will attract additional charges)
once fitting is complete (payment is made)
you will then need to book your final fit and collection (remembering, pickup and drop off should be within your 7 day hire period)
attend your final fitting (bring with you your head dress, footwear and medals / additional regalia)
Take uniform away / use (return within 7 day hire period, we will dry clean upon return)
Once returned we will in-process (this may take 3/4 days depending on other works, if everything is returned complete without damage your security deposit will be returned, please allow upto 20 working days for electronic payment to be returned. (bank dependant))


Q. Do i need to attend a fitting? Can i not send some measurements?

A.  Simply, yes you need to attend a fitting, there is alot of measurements that go into a tunic alone, making measurements / remote supply impossible. We want you to look your best.

Not all tailors are the same, not all measurements are taken the same, we have tried this in the past and im afraid it didnt work as intended.


Q. How Much Does it Cost?

A. All current Pricing is here Click this link


Q. When can i attend a fitting?

A. We accept fittings no earlier than 3 month prior to the big day, a calendar of our availability is located here, you can view it at any time click this link

Please be aware you can only see / book 2 months ahead of time.


Q  I need a uniform urgently can you help?

A. Yes, of course, please email us for availability.  Please be aware we operate a surcharge system, so prices increase within a month of the big day and again 2 weeks prior to the big day.  We can offer a same day service as well subject to availability (additional charges apply).


Q. I heard some places don't rent the correct uniforms

A.  Sadly this is correct, when FAD (Future Army Dress) was adopted, Mid 2006. Some suppliers did not update their stock to the newer uniform style.  The newer uniform, is a different material and overall cut and is very noticeable. 

Be aware its an military offence to wear the incorrect uniform.

We update all our uniforms in line line the British Army Dress Regulations


Q. Im not getting married, can i rent No1 Dress Uniform. 

A. Simply Yes, we dont just rent for weddings a big part of our rental business is for investitures, parades and other military formal occasions.

Our only stipulation is you must be currently serving. Regular or reserve. 


Q. I was in the Army and getting married id like to wear my old regiments uniform. Am i entitled.

A. Sadly No, The official MOD answer is no. 'Their is no entitlement for those personnel whom served to be allowed to wear military uniform again. Furthermore this would constitute a civil offence of impersonating an officer.'

The exception to this rule is was a substantive Captain or Higher when serving, then he / she must wear the rank he / she left as.  They must have had an Honourable discharge.  They must adhere to dress regulations (i.e if they now have a beard but when serving wasn't allowed one, dress regulations take precedence) In addition they must wear a Bullion Letter 'R' on the Right Shoulder to denote retired. 


Q. I am over a 44" Chest or over 40" Waist. Do you have uniforms to fit me?

A. we have a very large selection of uniforms available for hire. Although the MOD deem anything above these to be special measurement, So although there is a chance we may have a uniform, its maybe unlikely. To that end your welcome to attend a fitting. But it maybe the case we wouldn't be able to help. We would like to make you aware of this prior to attending a fitting.


Q. I am a Cpl, REME, can i wear / hire a sword. 

A.  i. Please check your dress regulations for up to date regs. Especially as this          changes cap badge to cap badge

     ii. You may wear if you are part of a guard of honour party at a wedding /                 event.

     iii. You are not entitled to wear if you are a groom.

     iv. We do offer swords for hire for many purposes including, guards of                     honour & cutting the cake.


Q. Can i get married the rank up. i.e Cpl - Sgt

A. Simple answer is NO, you are only entitled to wear your substantive / acting         Rank.


Q. Can i wear the gold rope Aiguilette (Lanyard) to get married because my             mate did.

A.  Dress Regs state, this is not permitted, this accoutrement is for wear by               Brigadiers (and above) and the Aide de camp. We do offer this item for hire         at additional cost.