Booking available no earlier than 3 months prior to the event date. We can accept fittings a with a month of the event, additional charges may apply. We no Longer offer paige boy uniforms
Booking available no earlier than 3 months prior to the event date. We can accept fittings a with a month of the event, additional charges may apply. We no Longer offer paige boy uniforms
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You Have Attended A Fitting, Whats Next?

Thankyou for attending a fitting at Hanger 39, and choosing Dress Uniform Hire for your occasion.

Your Initial Fitting

This is Mark & Katrina, we met at your fitting at Hanger39, in Colchester

We, hope you enjoyed you fitting and we made it a pleasant & smooth experience for you. 

Firstly, i'm sorry this is in text format, but this designed to be a reminder / refresher from what is usually me belt feeding you information during our dress uniform hire fitting.

The final uniform you had tried on, will be the Uniform you have on your big day. Please don't worry at this stage what cap badge it was or if it required tailoring at this fitting.  This will all change and the next time you see it (unless we contact you, or inform you separately) will be complete and transferred with all badges, button, and collar badges.  Ready for the final fitting / collection. 

What you get with the hire.  You get the following with your hire (based on other ranks / Soldier)

  • Patrol Overalls (other ranks soldier only)
  • Tunic
  • Collar Badges
  • Epaulette
  • Buttons
  • White Corlene Belt (other ranks soldier only)
  • MOD Nickel Plated Regimental Buckle (other ranks soldier only)
  • MOD Button Braces (other ranks soldier only)

What's Next?

What you need to do next is, is book you fitting / collection,

Due to demand, This is 1 appointment only a few days before your event. 

Visit our online booking app, the exact same way as you booked your initial fitting. (you will see our availability online up to 2 Months in advance only).

A few things to remember here

  • Bookings fill up fast, please don't leave it until the last minute. (Book early to avoid disappointment)  
  • The next fitting you are booking is a 'final fit & collection'.  Please book, the same way you booked your initial fitting.  You can use this link below.
  • This is 1 appointment only a few days before your event. 
  • please allow enough time, to collect, use and return within your 7 day hire period, if you require extra time. This will be charged. 
  • Due to demand on our service we cannot be flexible with dates and times, please work around availability on our booking app. we cannot cancel another client to fit your availability.

Book Your Fitting Here – dressuniformhire

  • Your Hire period is 1 Week / 7days (unless paid for extended hire)  This means your collection and drop off must fall within /or on the 7 Days.
  • Any issues issues / Booking / changes in circumstances , email us, please keep us in the loop. (please be aware during peak season its hard to accommodate changes, especially last minute changes)
  • Contact / Direction / information, unless specifically stipulated in writing, is with you our client, Only.  Due to data protection we cannot / will not discuss a client with anyone.
  • Ideal collections are 1-2 days before the big day/ day you require it. There is no requirement to try and book for a check fit a few weeks before (unless we specifically request this for a reason outside our control)

Final Fit & Collection

On your final fit and collection, please bring with you, headdress, footwear and any medals you may have. 

We will have a complete dress rehearsal (don't worry it usually takes 20 mins).  This is due to the fact its not a uniform many people are confident on wearing, it will allow us to iron our any wearing / snag issues that may arise. 

You can at this point take time to check all hire kit and equipment. 

Once you are happy, we will ask you to sign to say you are 110% happy with the uniform and that you are taking away to start your agreed hire period.

You will then return it within the agreed (usually 7 day hire period).  


If a person/s who are hiring garments do not attend a final fitting & collection we deem them a risk hire. 

The final fitting collection allows us to conduct a final dress rehearsal & gives us the opportunity to answer any questions / queries on wearing the uniform.   In addition to altering the fit if required.

A risk hire is is taken at the hirers' own risk. please see our terms and conditions for further details.

Uniform Care

  • Although we try to have everything perfect as possible, we are a busy workshop, you are bound to find the occasional loose threads,  please bear this in mind.
  • The uniform is good to go, but might not be upto your military standard. you are welcome to dryclean if you wish, but.. 


  • any visible creases caused buy the suit bag, will fall our if hung correctly overnight (trousers hung by ankles)

Returning The Uniform 

Hopefully (we are sure you did)  have had an amazing time and your special day went really well.

Now its time to look at returning your hire items.

  • Please return items within the specified hire period. (Hire period is 1 Week / 7days (unless paid for extended hire))(Failure to do so will result in extra charges)
  • Please check your have all items together (including suit bags and coat hangers)
  • Although Dry Cleaning is included in the hire, this does not include, Tough Stains like, Port, Red Wine, Grass or other stubborn Stains.  If the uniform has sustained such stains, (please take action and get the uniform dry cleaned, within your hire period)
  • No need to book an appointment to return, as long as we are open, Mon- Fri 0930-1700hrs we will accept the uniform

In processing / Deposit Return

Thankyou for returning your hire items to us. The following will now happen.

  • We will check off the items you have hired and check for any potential damage.
  • We will then process your deposit return, please be aware, it leaves us immediately, and can take (bank times varying / 4/8 Business Days) for your deposit to be returned.
  • If there is any issues we will communicate this to you via email.
  • We endeavour to conduct this process within 5/6 working days. (During Busy times this can extend to 7/8 Business Days)
  • Once complete, and deposit is returned we will email you to say the process is complete.